Welcome to Nutmeg Studio. I’m Meg, the woman behind it all.

With over 13 years’ experience in communications, marketing and design in South Africa and the UK, I am ideally placed to help you create a modern and goal-driven website. Design, with impact. Design that converts. Design that stands out and communicates your brand’s message.

My brand values:
– Helping businesses create clean, uncluttered, goal-driven websites and online stores.

– Offering a kind, compassionate and holistic web development service for new and growing owner-managed businesses.

– Design driven by purpose, clarity and simplicity.

Who you are

  • Like me, you're building your dream life. A life of purpose and meaning.
  • You’re determined to succeed.
  • It's your time to do this thing that makes you feel alive, passionate and fulfilled.
  • You believe in running an ethical, sustainable and value-driven business.
  • Meeting, connecting and sharing stories with like-minded people uplifts your soul and inspires you.
  • You believe in cultivating a growth mindset. It's about solutions, not problems.
  • You are kind, fierce and brave.