Seeking a purpose-driven life. Doing something you love, with integrity. Building a business on your terms, sincerely. Changemakers working for the greater good.

Inspired by: love, passion, stories, meaning, courage, vulnerability.
Curious, and sometimes emotional.
Life’s an adventure; let’s go deeper.

That’s what heartfelt means to me.

And it’s heartfelt businesses like yours that are making a positive impact on the world, one meaningful action at a time.

Welcome to Nutmeg.

I’m Meg, a holistic web designer who works with growing creative, ethical and purpose-driven businesses that are ready to evolve and move forwards with a strategic website.

I love designing websites, but that's not my why

For nearly 13 years I worked for other people; as an editor;  a journalist; a public relations officer;  a digital marketer and a web designer. In both South African and the UK. I enjoyed these jobs. They gave me security and experience. But deep down I had a feeling that there was more to life.

In 2016 I fell unexpectedly pregnant. Soon after my daughter arrived, I quit my full time agency job because it seemed like the perfect chaotic moment to listen to my heart and pursue more creativity,  flexibility and meaning.  

In the moments between caring for a baby, I started this business. At first, it was driven by my passion for web design, for creating, learning and problem solving. But as I started to work more closely with businesses, I discovered that what I really loved was getting to know each business and helping them figure out how a website could solve challenges and move them forwards.

My why: It brings me a deep sense of purpose to help fellow businesses navigate the tricky and overwhelming world of websites and digital strategy. I particularly love working with those  businesses that are driven by purpose, ethics and creativity. They are the one’s making a lasting positive impact, creating hope, empowerment and change at a time when our world needs it the most.

My service is for you if...

  • Your old website is not aligned with your vision.
  • Your're ready to work on your business, not just in it.
  • It's time to make some changes and think strategically in order to move forwards.
  • You want a website that grows your business on autopilot.
  • You need help clarifying and simplifying your message.