I'm Meg, a simplicity-loving web designer who helps business owners navigate the tricky and overwhelming world of eCommerce, website design and digital marketing.

I love designing websites, but that’s not my why. For over a decade, I worked for others; as an editor;  a journalist; a public relations officer;  a digital marketer and a web designer. I enjoyed these jobs; they gave me security and experience, but deep down I knew there was more to life. 

In 2016 I fell pregnant. Soon after my daughter arrived, I quit my  marketing agency job because it felt like the perfect chaotic moment to listen to my heart and explore a life filled with more creativity,  flexibility and meaning.  

In the moments between caring for a baby, I started this business. At first, it was driven by my passion for web design; for creating, learning and problem solving. But as I started to work more closely with business owners, I discovered that what I really loved was getting to know each unique business and helping them figure out how a website could solve real challenges and move them forwards. That’s my why.

Stunning design is only part of creating a great website that gets results...

The other important part is strategy and content: How is your new website going to help your business? Who are your key customers? What content do we need to achieve goals / appeal to those customers? And how does the website fit into your marketing and brand communications strategy?

This means, as part of my service, I help you plan out the website structure and content, and set strategic goals for the new site. I can also assist with content writing, copywriting  and brand communications strategy.

Quick facts...

  • I designed and built my first Shopify online store in 2015 (for a business selling mountain bikes and sports equipment).
  • I was part of the team that managed the digital marketing and eCommerce website for one of South Africa's biggest car rental companies.
  • Since starting my own business 2.5 years ago, I've designed and developed over 20 websites.
  • Core skills: Empathy; Strategic Thinking; Creativity; Goal-driven Design.

We'd be a great fit if...

  • You have the vision, an amazing brand and big ideas, but you need help pulling it all together and turning it into a beautiful and powerful new online shop.
  • You already have a website, but it’s old, hard-to-use and clunky. It doesn’t align with your vision and it's not helping your business. Time for rejuvenation.
  • Your business is evolving. This is the perfect moment for a website that helps you sell more online.
  • You want to work with a strategic and organised web designer with a great eye for beautiful and simple design who'll really listen to you and take the time to get to know your business and what it needs.