Case Study

Proudly Human

Purpose of this website

  1. To showcase and build trust in the Proudly Human brand.
  2. Provide important information about the team and the projects they’re currently involved with.
  3. Encourage visitors to sign-up to Proudly Human’s mailing list for news and updates.

About the client

Proudly Human is a research and technology initiative led by Dr Adriana Marais. The goal of the initiative is to utilise current and new technologies that will allow humans to live sustainably and off-grid. The first phase of Proudly Human’s Off-World initiative is the Antarctic Research Community (ARC) – an off-world settlement simulation experiment scheduled to take place in 2021. The aim is to demonstrate technology-enabled sustainable community living in Earth’s most extreme and isolated environment: the Antarctic winter. For almost a year, a carefully selected crew will live as a community with the aim of building a functional and sustainable technology layer from life-support to communication, independent of currently existing infrastructure, with the ultimate aim of thriving off-grid in one of the harshest environments on Earth.

How a website helped this business

Proudly Human is a start-up initiative.  With start-ups, the most important marketing goals are to build brand awareness and build brand authority/trust. The team are building their brand in three ways: through social media, PR and influencer marketing. All of their digital marketing/PR efforts lead back to the website, which provides an authoritative portal of easy-to-digest information so that people can find out more about the initiative and take action by signing up to the mailing list or contacting Proudly Human.The design style of the website is clean, minimal and modern to enhance the feeling of the Proudly Human brand.