Case Study

Sam Theron

Purpose of this website

  1. Sell Sam Theron’s services.
  2. Build Sam Theron’s personal brand.
  3. Make it easy for people to purchase Sam’s ebook and contact her.

About the client

Sam Theron is a South African-based life coach specialising in decluttering and simplifying.  She wanted a website that reflected her brand’s message – simple, clean, feminine and elegant.

How a website helped this business

Sam approached me right at the beginning of her business journey. I helped her establish the look and feel of her brand, including her colour palette. We created a website that was clean, minimal and elegant. The emphasis here was on creating a website that enhanced Sam’s brand message, which is all about simplifying and decluttering your life.The website acts as a central point for all Sam’s online marketing activities. It shows people what she stands for and introduces her services to visitors. It also makes it easy for visitors to purchase Sam’s eBook.This website started out as a simple one-page sales website. One-page websites are a great option for start-up businesses that want to build their digital presence on a budget.Sam is one of my favourite clients. She is super-efficient, organised and gives great feedback. I have gone on to help her with further websites, including the Precision Piling website that can ve viewed here.
“Loved working with Meg. She offers a great service, and delivered the exact result I wanted. She stuck to the timeframes given, and in general was a helpful, knowledgeable, personable and an all round pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her offerings!” – Sam Theron.