What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is simply a strategic (and automated) way to nurture a relationship with your potential customers.

Most people who visit your website for the first time won’t be ready to buy from you. In fact, research studies show that it takes at least 7 interactions with a brand before someone is ready to buy. This makes it important to figure out a way to stay in contact with your potential customers (the sales funnel).

A website sales funnel works like this:

  • Someone lands on your website. They like what they see. But they’re still in browsing mode; not ready to commit to a sale.
  • They see your website’s mailing list sign up form. They see that you offer a 10% discount or free shipping to new subscribers, so they join.
  • Your brand then welcomes them with a series of automated emails. The goal is to grow the relationship so you can get more sales on autopilot. They’re also now on your mailing list so you can keep communicating with them.

Mailing list sign-up incentives don’t have to be discounts, they can also be valuable pieces of content (checklists, worksheets, webinars).

In essence, a sales funnel is a vital way to grow your business online. It’s also how you convert website visitors into customers.

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